Tcc Students

Sometimes the fake looks real, until it lets us down. TCC Students does not want you to be disappointed, or worse. Can we talk about God together so we avoid the fakes and live with the one true God?

As we build our student ministry, offer your thoughts here


It’s not easy to stay focused. Especially these days, when we’re connected to a never-ending stream of new notifications,ads, messages, videos, posts, and entertainment, it makes sense if we feel a little distracted sometimes. Maybeyou’ve struggled recently to stay focused on your homework, or on the story your friend was telling you, or on themovie you were watching — but have you ever struggled to stay focused when you were spending time with God?

Nov 5 - how can we read the Bible to focus on God better?

Nov 12 - what do we need to give up to focus on God better?

We meet from 5-7pm in our Parish Hall (building on the east side). Friends, light dinner, fun games, and time to listen for God's voice.

The Ranch

Connecting with God can be easier when we're hanging out in God's creation. The Ranch helps us hear God while spending time with horses. Join us in October to take a break from the noise and hear God speak.

Students will learn safety, grooming, feeding, tacking, & riding. We'll worship around a campfire, cook a light dinner, and have a short devotion time. We'll meet at Cypress Swamp Ranch October 22, November 19, December 16. Cost is $10/student $25/family. Please wear jeans and closed shoes.

Also, we need a release form for the church and for the ranch. Please fill these out and send them to If you have difficulty with the link, please just email us .