TCC - Nursery

We love watching your kids worship, but it may not be the easiest time for you. Our fantastic nursery team is ready to welcome them and help them learn about Jesus. We have plenty of cribs for those who are ready to nap, plenty of changing tables and a great toys to play and enjoy being in God's presence.TCC-Nursery is for kids up to 3 years old when they'll transition to TCC-Kids.

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Welcome to TCC Kids!!

Figuring out what to say about God can be difficult. TCC & Trackers of Faith

will help your kids grow closer to God and help you continue the conversation each week. As you learn who God is together, your relationship with each other will grow stronger.

TCC Kids takes place during the worship service. Bring your kids to worship with you and just before the sermon our team will lead them to the children's area where you can pick them up after worship is over.

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Salt and Light Co

We are honored to partner with Salt&Light Co to host their Music and Dance ministry. Salt&Light is offering 2 camps this summer for Music and 2 for Dance. To find out more